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Real Girls - Real Hypnosis - Real Orgasms

Come inside and watch as beautiful girls are really hypnotized and placed into an obedient trance. As they fall deeper and deeper into an altered state they find their body begins to quiver and shake as they build and build to their first uncontrollable hypnotic orgasm. See their expression of disbelief as they are awakened for the first time to describe what they never imagined was possible.

But the fun is just beginning as they soon realize that their own conscious mind is no longer in control. Who has the control? The erotic hypnotist, of course! Trained to obey... watch as they reach down to pick a $20 bill up off of the floor, only to watch in amazement as their hands go and remove their shirt instead!! Could another article of clothing be next? Join today and find out for yourself...

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Audrina - The Innocent Babysitter
1 Movies
April 22 2014

Audrina - The First Signs of Sexual Pleasure
1 Movies
April 19 2014

Audrina - My Hands are Gaining Control Over Me
1 Movies
April 15 2014

Audrina - Her Journey Begins
1 Movies
April 12 2014

Samantha - Getting Dressed Amnesia and Emerging from Trance
1 Movies
April 08 2014

Samantha - Transformations
1 Movies
April 05 2014

Samantha - Babysitting Interview Gone Wrong
1 Movies
April 01 2014

Samantha - I am your Slave Master (Part II)
1 Movies
March 29 2014

Samantha - I am your Slave Master (Part I)
1 Movies
March 25 2014

Samantha - Why am I undressing?
1 Movies
March 22 2014

Samantha - Twice as Horny... Twice as Aroused... Twice as Intense
1 Movies
March 18 2014

Samantha - Relaxing and Collapsing
1 Movies
March 15 2014


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